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The work is born as a reflection on identity, on what one is, who one decides to be or that others decide that we are, on choices, on non-choices, on intimacy, on the things we keep hidden from others and, sometimes, even to ourselves.

“A portrait touches, otherwise it's just an identity photo. What it touches is an intimacy that comes to the surface. " Michel Merlau-Ponty

At the center of the performances are women grappling with the creation of two of their self-portraits: the image that the woman has of herself and the image of what is also but remains more hidden, of what she would like to be or another side of herself.

The self-portrait takes place through the use of the body of another. In fact, women had the performer's body at their disposal, using it as a material to be molded.

To date, the portraits of more than 150 women between 8 and 93 years have been collected.



by and with Camilla Parini | photographic support and video shooting Marika Brusorio, Chiara Caterina, Muriel Hediger, Martina Tritten | video montages Chiara Caterina, Amos Pellegrinelli, Martina Tritten | scenographic preparation Milli MilJkovic

| technical support Roberto Mucchiut, Sandro Pianetti | collaborators Monica Muraca, Simon Waldvogel | production Ingwer collective | co-production Teatro Socilae Bellinzona - Bellinzona Teatro | born in collaboration with Aurelio Petroni Foundation | with the support of Pro Helvetia - Swiss Foundation for Culture, Republic and Canton of Ticino DECS - swisslos, City of Lugano, Annita Avanzini Foundation, SETI,  Rassegna Home - FOCE

Tiziana, 64 anni
Anita, 26 anni
Ana Paula, 46 anni
Alice, 36 anni
Eleonora, 32 anni
Carmen, 58 anni
Gladys, 54 anni
Hu, 32 anni
Irene, 31 anni
Laura, 26 anni
Loredana, 50 anni
Lucia, 50 anni
Maria Luisa, 72 anni
Maribel, 36 anni
Noemi, 28 anni
Martina, 30 anni
Odette, 36 anni
Neha, 16 anni
Petra, 29 anni
Valeria, 31anni
Valeria, 48 anni
Yara, 16 anni

Milano, settembre  2015, riprese ed editing Chiara Caterina

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