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Camilla Parini (1984) was born and grew up in a small village in the Italian part of Switzerland, where she still lives. She is introverted, messy and in constant conflict with the use of words.

Her first studies and her first work experiences were in the social field, fascinated above all by the relationship with people who read the world and express themselves through other mental and perceptive patterns.

She moved to Milan to study dance-theatre, a practice that to this day she is not yet able to define and perhaps not even to understand, but that was the starting point to begin to construct/deconstruct her own personal artistic research.

In 2014 she began her authorial practice that moves between show, performance, photography and installation, placing at the centre of her research a multi-faceted reflection on identity and its vulnerability. She created: STILL LEBEN (2014), Princesses karaoke or something like that... (2016), Io sono un’altra (2018), KISS! (Loving Kills) (2021).

She is co-founder of Collettivo Treppenwitz (2018) and co-creator of the movement Ticino is burning (2021).



Camilla Parini
Camilla Parini
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