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upcoming dates
3-4.02.2023 TLH Sierre
8-9.02.2023 ROXY Basel
25.04.2023 Théâtre du Passage Neuchâtel


(Loving Kills)

Kissing unites the place of speech with that of the body: 

when we KISS, it is no longer possible to speak. 

and the body is transformed into a new alphabet.

KISS! (Loving Kills) was born as the second chapter to the show directed by Simon Waldvogel L'amore ist nicht une chose for everybody (Loving Kills) of Collettivo Treppenwitz, starting from the same theme but with a different point of view and handwriting. 


KISS! enter the woods - at night - towards an unconscious and less rational dimension of love, towards the impossibility of defining it and the difficulty of understanding it.

The staging moves on the border between dark and light, between presence and absence, between emptiness and its need to be filled. Figures that shape and mirror each other. The relationship with me, with the other me or the other from me, the masculine and the feminine, the one and its multitude, being and non-being.

KISS!, plays with the perception of things, of time, of relationships and of the self.


a project by Camilla Parini ‎| with Kevin Blaser, Thomas Couppey, Martina Martinez Barjacoba, Camilla Parini ‎| assistant director Francesca Sproccati, Simon Waldvogel ‎| light design Andrea Sanson ‎| scenography Francesca Caccia ‎| music and sound design Alberto Barberis ‎| video Moris Freiburghaus ‎| production Collettivo Treppenwitz, LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura ‎| co-production Südpol Lucerne ‎| in collaboration with TLH - Sierre ‎| photographs Sebastiano Piattini, Martina Tritten | video promo Martina Tritten | graphic Jordan Linder | with the support of Pro Helvetia – Fondazione svizzera per la cultura, DECS Repubblica e Cantone Ticino – Fondo Swisslos, Città di Lugano, Divisione Eventi e Congressi, Comune di Agno



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