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"(...) an hour of intense female images ( ...) a succession of moments played with skill and delicacy, with the strength and lightness of her poetic dimension (...) Camilla Parini with this show made" en plein "for three evenings, convincing in skill, in the use of metaphor, of symbologies, without ever exceeding or being pleased. "


“Few know how many women there are in me” Anaïs Nin


TIn german language the terms STILL and LEBEN if united in a single word mean "still life". By separating the two words you can get multiple meanings: still - life; live silent; quiet. Different ways of reading, that somehow reveal a thin line between static, death, and life.Fernando Pessoa wrote “Che cosa muoio quando sono? ”, which literally translated sounds ”What do I die, while I’m being?”.This work start from the need to reflect on the figure of the woman without wanting to investigate her social or cultural role, rather than withdrawing it in the intimacy of the relationship with herself.The portrait in continuous change of a woman faded by time, a figure with no more boundaries that keeps on changing its forms and that express itself through irony and melancholy of loneliness, that sometimes keeps even company.The play STILL LEBEN is told through body language and the evocation of sounds without using words.Suggests a climate, sometimes a condition, or a state of preservation. Investigates those memories abandoned and consumed between rooms without walls, in the metaphorical spaces where it’s still possible to talk to the own absences.It is a creation of real images but not necessarily realistic, seeking to penetrate layer by layer under the surface of a lifetime.


Ingwer collective

by and with

Camilla Parini

sound design

Loris Ciresa

light design

Pierfranco Sofia


Laura Pennisi

photographs and graphics

Martina Tritten

with the support of

Teatro delle Radici, Aurelio Petroni Foundation, Republic and Canton of Ticino DECS - swisslos, Municipality of Agno, Ernst Gönher Stiftung

In collaboration with

Review HOME Teatro Foce Lugano

Weekly review "Action" 1.12.2014 - Giorgio Toheni

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