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A project by Camilla Parini

with Anita Faconti and Sandro Pivotti


Nobody loves the other, but each loves what he has created with the other's matter.

U. Galimberti


"It was better when the dog was there" is a work that investigates the dimension of loneliness within the couple relationship.

Intimate spaces that are emptied of the presence of the other but, in that void, the memories and information of a relationship continue to live. The memories, however, alternate with the passage of time and with the relationship of distance and closeness that changes perspective by changing. And it is precisely in the space between what is real when we are together and what instead becomes real in solitude that our investigation is inserted.


Things wear out over time, they wear out because they are used and because they are mistreated. On stage two figures play to consume themselves, to see what remains.


"It was better when the dog was there" is a love story.

A story of loneliness.

A love story in fact.


“But what is life for two? A combination of strengths to make up for one's weakness, (...) a retirement home for old age, a pleasure home, a torture chamber? " U. Galimberti


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