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Street performance made for Bolzano Danza / 2012


by and with

Anita Faconti and Camilla Parini



People. Two women. Benches, chairs, tables, walls, bus stops. A coffee please. Voices, tales, noises, sounds. Music. A street, a square, a park, a football pitch. A dance hall. People. Two women. The shadow of memories that move at a pace of. Of? A coffee please. Zum pa pa Zum pa pa Zum pa pa. Smooth and narrow. Thanks.


Popular dance as a cultural rite, a form of meeting, sharing and memory. A series of performances in via Cagliari that for six days will transform the neighborhood into an open-air dance hall. Senior dancers and young contemporary dancers will meet to perform in a transgenerational and transcultural "dance hall". Bolzano Dance.


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