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Camilla Parini

Anahì Traversi

Princesses Karaoke

or something like that ...

Princesses karaoke or something like that... is a sort of theatre zapping on the contemporary world: the karaoke society (from Culture Karaoke by Dubravka Ugrešić, 2014) which, at the same time, lets everybody become a star and a fan, audience and consumer where narcissism and exhibition are symptoms of an individual neurotic necessity to leave an imprint on an indifferent surface of the world. Culture karaoke is collective, frenetic and conformist. It is born from compulsive technological consumerism. In a ever more auto referential society where emulation becomes the most desirable possibility to exist, we ask each other: which are our present references? Which are today's fairy tales, who are our princes and princesses? Princesses karaoke or something like that... is a show that looks at reality in its surreal and visionary expression.





Ingwer & Azimut collective


Social Theater Bellinzona

FIT International Festival of Theater and Contemporary Scene, Tojo Theater

playwright Cristina Galbiati

audio-visual staging Roberto Mucchiut

light design Matteo Ricetti

with the artistic collaboration of Ilija Luginbühl, Adele Raes

photographs Roberto Mucchiut

with the support of

Republic and Canton Ticino DECS - swisslos, Teatro Sociale Bellinzona, Municipality of Agno, Annita Avanzini Foundation, SIS, Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung, Jürg George Bürki - Stiftung, Oertli Stiftung, Rassegna HOME Teatro Foce Lugano



Theater of the Roots

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