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COLLETTIVO INGWER was born in 2013 and was composed by all the people who have been involved in the projects. 

It looks towards contemporary production with open transversality towards the different artistic disciplines. Its goal is to create a meeting space for exchange and growth through artistic and diverse languages.

In 2014 Collettivo Ingwer produces its first show STILL LEBEN directed and interpreted by Camilla Parini. Collaborating with Azimut, it produces Princess karaoke or something like that... semifinalist at PREMIO Schweiz 2015 and selected in 2017 by the “Performing Arts Network” promoted by the partners of VIAVAI +. He co-produced the show Adios with the Atré Teatro company, which debuted in 2017 in the LuganoInScena season. Thanks to a collaboration with the Aurelio Petroni Foundation, it creates the performative/photographic project Io sono un'altra, co-produced by Teatro Sociale Bellinzona.

In 2018 Collettivo Ingwer has created a merger with two other young companies - Azimut and Atré Teatro - thus becoming a new artistic reality: COLLETTIVO TREPPENWITZ.

L'amore ist nicht une chose for everybody (Loving Kills) directed by Simon Waldvogel is the first show by Collettivo Treppenwitz, semi-finalist at PREMIO Schweiz 2018 and selected for the Swiss Theatre Days 2020.

In 2020 the show Sciù sciù - broken becomes beautiful by Carla Valente and Simon Waldvogel made its debut. While KISS! (Loving Kills) by Camilla Parini debuted in 2021, which is the second chapter of a research on love already started with their first production and which has “Loving Kills” as its main theme.

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