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A limbo. Three sisters caught inside it. Like in a recurring dream. A white box inside which the three women will ponder the meaning of life, the maternal figure as well as the passage from the enchanted world of childhood to that of adulthood. In this metamorphosis they will have to retrace their steps behind them. Ever so different from each-other, the three sisters will offer their unique point of view, all the way analysing how each and every one of them has lived through her childhood and adolescence without a true vital élan. Having delegated every decision to their mother while waiting for something to happen - that never will - the three sisters will realise they have become grown-ups, too old not to clearly see through the structures that have trapped them inside norms, hopes and repressed desires. A winged woman, an angel and a harpy at the same time, is the link between then and now. This mysterious presence will accompany them through their journey. She will beat time for the sisters inside the limbo.Confused and alarmed, not knowing how to tackle this metamorphosis, they will soon realise that they have lived as if under anaesthesia, a state which nevertheless has not quenched their desire for emancipation.The irony which they use to face themselves, their fears and qualities, will bring the sisters closer together; so that even in the darkest of places the ability to laugh at themselves will prove to be the only true weapon left.



Matteo Luoni

Simon Waldvogel


Simon Waldvogel


Federica Carra

Camilla Parini

Camilla Pistorello

Carla Valente


Ingwer collective

ATRé Theater

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